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Providing Arizona with over a decade of excellence in family-owned fire protection services.

Our skilled professionals providing comprehensive fire risk assessments and custom fire suppression solutions.

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Welcome to Integrity Fire Protection LLC, founded by Mike and Donna in 2009, offering affordable, professional fire safety solutions across Arizona. With over 30 years of combined expertise, we serve major cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, and Scottsdale — and beyond. Trust in our quality fire protection services to meet the highest industry standards statewide.

Integrity Fire Protection LLC

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Arizona Licensed

We are licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Arizona.

Fire Protection Services

We provide a variety of fire protection related services and provide free estimates.


Certified Fire & Safety Services

Fire Extinguisher Image
Fire Extinguisher Services

Ensure your facility's safety with top-quality, cost-effective fire extinguishers from Integrity Fire Protection. Offering portable and wheeled Class “A” ,Class “B”, Class “C” and Class “K” units from renowned brands, we ensure unmatched reliability and compliance with the latest safety standards. Our 10-Point Extinguisher Inspection Criteria assures you that your equipment is Code-Compliant and ready for operation in a fire emergency.

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Fire Alarm Image
Fire Alarm Systems

Integrity Fire Protection excels in servicing commercial and industrial fire alarm systems, offering extensive Code-Compliant testing, inspection, maintenance, repair, replacement, and monitoring solutions. We ensure your enterprise fully meets rigorous fire safety standards, providing reliable top-tier protection, compliance assurance, and rapid notification of occupants and emergency responders.

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Fire Sprinkler Image
Fire Sprinkler Systems

Offering both commercial and residential sprinkler systems, we ensure quick delivery for large-scale or multi-site projects. Our district offices leverage Integrity Fire Protection's design expertise from Peoria, Arizona, for superior solutions. Specializing also in fire sprinkler repair & maintenance, we guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

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Fire Hydrant Image
Fire Hydrants

With our expert fire hydrant and wet pipe services, maintain your facility's readiness against fires, guaranteeing that your fire hydrants will operate as expected in emergencies. Our services not only keep you up to code but also provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is equipped with reliable fire response infrastructure.

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Fire Suppression Systems Image
Fire Suppression Systems

Optimize fire safety across multiple platforms with our fire suppression systems, designed to counter fire risks, especially in commercial kitchens prone to grease fires. By providing the required Semi-Annual inspection and testing protocols, Integrity Fire Protection assures these high-hazard systems are installed to fire protection standards, and are ready to operate should an emergency arise.. Depend on our advanced solutions for unmatched safety and efficiency.

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Backflow Prevention Image
Backflow Prevention

We service all types of backflow prevention devices from small irrigation devices to large fire sprinkler protection, offering annual testing, inspection, maintenance, repairs, and replacements to ensure your equipment complies with local and state backflow testing standards. Our dedicated service safeguards your property by meeting essential safety requirements, maintaining system integrity, and preventing cross-contamination from unwanted sources.

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Exit and Emergency Lighting Image
Exit & Emergency Lighting

Our comprehensive exit and emergency lighting services ensure your facility's compliance with safety codes and readiness for any situation. Specializing in testing, maintenance, repair, and replacement, we provide secure, well-lit environments, enhancing occupant safety and peace of mind. Trust our expertise for optimal emergency preparedness.

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Fire Pump Image
Fire Pump

Essential for extensive fire protection systems, our fire pump scheduled services meet NFPA 25 standards with rigorous monthly 'churn' and annual flow tests, ensuring system readiness,performance reliability, and designed delivery in emergencies. These tests verify the pumps' efficiency, aligning with safety requirements and providing confidence in their operational effectiveness.

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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Image
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Integrity Fire Protection provides top-quality fire extinguisher cabinets from leading brands like JL Industries and Larsen, ensuring durable, accessible safety solutions for your premises. Our selection meets strict safety standards, offering secure and quick access during emergencies. Rely on us for expertly chosen cabinets that bolster your fire safety and compliance.

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Fire Extinguisher Training Image
Fire Extinguisher Training

Integrity Fire Protection provides essential training to ensure your family or employees are prepared to act confidently during a fire emergency. Our expert instructors will demonstrate the correct usage of fire extinguishers, equipping everyone with the knowledge of best practices for emergency situations. Trust us to enhance safety through comprehensive fire extinguisher training.

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24 Hour Fire Alarm Monitoring Image
24 Hour Fire Alarm Monitoring

Rely on our 24/7/365 UL-Listed fire alarm and emergency system monitoring, leveraging state-of-the-art technology for supreme reliability. Our service enhances your safety protocols, offering swift, effective response when needed. Discover how our vigilant, responsive monitoring ensures your security, providing peace of mind through continuous, expert oversight.

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Mobile Service in Arizona Image

MOBILE SERVICE in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tucson, Gilbert, Glendale, Tempe, Surprise, Yuma, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Flagstaff, Casa Grande, Marana, Prescott, Apache Junction, Sun City, El Mirage, Kingman, Fountain Hills, Payson, Paradise Valley, and beyond. Serving all areas of Arizona.

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Comprehensive Fire Protection Services Across Arizona.

Integrity Fire Protection service vehicle ready to provide licensed fire safety services across Arizona.
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Explore Our Amazing Customer Reviews

The fire sprinklers throughout the house were in need of replacement. Thomas and Jake were exceptional. They were informative, professional and completed the job seamlessly. I am overly pleased with their service. Also, Britany who took care of scheduling and follow-up was kind, understanding and ensured a smooth job. Highly recommend.

Sharon B.
Phoenix, AZ

Friendly ladies in the front office that are happy to help your fire protection needs. They have been at this location since 2009 and are great safety resource. They offer demonstrations for employees to use extinguishers safely which is very useful, hands on training. Highly recommended from this Safety and Environmental Coordinator.

Shawn P.
Phoenix, AZ

I was sitting in my chair when I saw my ceiling leaking around the fire sprinkler...very lucky...I was referred to Integrity by another company.....very lucky again. Dominic from Integrity was here within an hour. The pipe was fixed and all was well within three hours of the leak. I highly recommend this company

Buddy Flint

We have used integrity fire protection a handful of times for our mobile/shop extinguishers & every single time has been nothing but a great experience. From customer service to the quality of products i would rate them top notch!

Dee Luve

My company works with Integrity Fire Protection and will gladly continue to do so. Their service is quick, their technicians are professional and their prices are good. Everything you want in a Fire Protection company.

Evan F.
Peoria, AZ

They showed up on short notice. Solved the problem quickly and neatly. Very professional people. I highly recommend them. I also thought the pricing was very fair.

Robert H R.
Cave Creek, AZ

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